Using MS5803 with SoftI2CMaster

I am building a project with a MS5803 and a Datalogger Shield, and I had problems communicating both of them with Arduino simultaneously. Finally I realized that both of them were using pins A4 and A5 of the Arduino Uno board for different communication protocols. I would like to use the MS5803 with other pins and saw there is this library SoftI2CMaster, but the MS5803 uses Sparkfun’s library and it has the calls to the I2C arduino library using functions like Wire.begin() in it. What should I do? Do I have to change something in the library? Is there other way to solve it?

Do I have to change something in the library?

If you want it to do software I2C instead of hardware I2C, I would think that the answer was pretty obvious.

Just in case it isn't, yes.

I have no experience doing so, do you know any material I could dive into?