Using multiple adafruit LED matrices


I recently picked up a couple more of these LED matrices from Adafruit. I've used one of these before and have been happy with the library put out by Adafruit. Each matrix requires 12 pins and only works (rather, the library only works) with the Uno or Mega. I am wanting to duplicate the image onto 2 to 4 different matrixes, but hope to get away from using 4 separate Arduinos. How might I go about doing so?

You can try to use an IO Expander chip with I2C, but you would need to do all the coding from scratch, you can get up to 16 additional IO pins with a few pins(2 if I am right). :)

also you can try with Shift Registers. 74HC595 is a good example, the good thing about Shif Registers is that you can cascade connect them, so with 3 pins you can control a lot of outputs :)

I considered that, but since I'd be sending the same image to all the matrices, I was hoping there might be an easier solution. My (admittedly naive) thought is that I could split all of the 12 digital output wires 2 ways and send them off to the two matrices.

Also, I'd rather go for multiple Arduinos before I decide to dig into the library and start rewriting the code.

How might I go about doing so?

What if you simply connected all 4 to the same twelve pins?

Paul, that is what I was wondering, but it struck me as overly simplistic. I can certainly give it a try!