Using Multiple MCP3208 AtoD chips

This is my first real project and it requires the use of 2 MCP3208 AtoD converters. I have used the sketch from the Playground which uses a single MCP3208 but I am unable to get it to work with two chips.

The idea is to have each result from the AtoD seperated by a comma and a new line after the 16th measurement.

I have seperate chip select lines for each MCP3208 but get stumped when it comes to coding the Arduino.

Does anybody have a code example to address multiple MCP3208 chips?

Thank you

Try this:


Thank you for this code, I have changed a couple of lines and it works has I need.

I have another question regards control of the Arduino board.

When the "Serial Monitor" button is clicked data it sent from the Arduino and the second click stops the data.

Is this a command that is sent?

Why I ask is, I'm using and wish to know if there is a command I need to turn the Arduino on and off or is it just a case of opening and closing the comm port?

Thank you