using multiple motors to power a hydraulic actuator

Hi i am currently working on a project and it needs to be abale to control and power multiple motor at once i need to be able to control a minimum of 2 motors but having the availability to add multiple motor is preferable.

i am new to this arduino system and i am unsure on what the board and can do and what parts i will need to go with this board to make my idea practical.

also i am not to clued up on this type of coding' so some support with this would be grateful.

this project is to help out patience who have and serious injury or break witch now require them to where a ilizarov frame. while wearing the frame they need to exercise there ankle joint and keep there leg stimulated to help speed up there recovery process as it can take up to two year before the frame comes off.

my thoughts with using hydraulics was that i can use it as either resistance training towards the end of there recovery but also so it can be used mainly the manipulate the ankle to help prevent it stiffening up.

so any help would be very grateful anything to do with coding or parts needed for this project thank you and look forward to seeing your solutions and responses.


I highly recommend that you NOT hook up arduino controlled hydraulics to human beings. Especially severely injured human beings.

The risk of complicating the injury due to bugs or poorly designed controls is too great.

hi vinceherman

i am working with a group of us we are working with the queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham are product at our stage is only a proof of concept or proto type and wont been used at these stages on people with injures that will be potentially further developed by more skill people