Using multiple sensors and serial connections with Arduino LilyPad


I have an Arduino LilyPad with the ATmega328V, that I want to do the following things with:

  • Get (body) temperature,
  • Get humidity,
  • Get heart beat,
  • Get position,
  • Wirelessly send data to a main computer.

Except for the position tracking, these sensors are analog. The LilyPad has 6 analog pins, so I don't see the first three being a problem. However, the GPS uses the RX and TX pins on the board and so does my XBee LilyPad board for wireless communication. I have found that I can virtually create more RX and TX pins on the digital pins on the board (which I don't use for anything else), so my question is this:

Can I connect the first three sensors on three analog pins, the XBee on the native RX and TX pins, the GPS on virtual RX and TX pins and receive data from the four sensors on my computer simultaneously using the XBee?

Could that work?


Find out yourself, it should work.

I agree with DrDiettrich, this sounds possible.

It's common to use both the hardware serial and software serial in a project.