Using Multiple Shields Together

I am getting confused on how to use multiple shields together. I want to use both this motor controller shield and this Xbee shield together. This wouldn't work because the Xbee shield covers up the power pins, and the motor controller shield doesn't have any female headers to stack another shield on. I already had to solder wires to the motor controller shield's power pins so I could hook up batteries, but it probably wouldn't work to solder female pins on top of those. I have no idea what to do and hopefully I didn't sound too confusing (I'm really tired, i just got back from across the country and I haven't been sleeping much). Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me find a solution.

Liquidware makes a double wide extender shield that might work. You still have to be careful about shields that want to use the same pins.

That's cool! Thanks, it's perfect, but are both sides wired into the same pins? For example, digital pin 3 on one side is connected to digital pin 3 on the other? How would this work when programming something?

I've not actually used one, so this is just from what I understand from reading about it a bit. The shield doesn't give you more outputs, it just lets you connect to the pins here or there. If you have two shields that both need to use digital pin 3 for example, you're still out of luck. This shield just helps solve the physical problem of how do I fit them together.

Alright, hopefully they don't all use the same pins.