Using MySQL and gsm Sim800l with arduino

hi, I want to connect arduino to a mysql server and read data from its database as well as send data to it using the GSM SIM800L module. I have absolutely no experience with Mysql,php,ect. I have good experience in arduino language and a bit with gsm. Please help me to create a MySQL Server And database and connect it to arduino using Sim800L GSM Module And read and send data to it.

Please Help! Its urgent....

Why don't you start with what you have already:
SIM800 connected to Arduino, and working properly?
Connecting to your mobile network?
Can you send SMS messages, or connect to a web site through the SIM800?
Do you have a web server installed already?
Can you connect to that server using your SIM800 connection?
Can you get the web server to receive that message properly?
Do you have the MySQL database server set up already?
Do you have your database created?

That are a few of the steps you will have to do to make this all work.

"[A]bsolutely no experience" and "urgent" are not things that go well with all that, especially the second half of the list.