Using Nano for ArduinoToBreadboard

Hello & Salam to Everyone,

I've an Arduino Nano & I want to use other arduinos standalone on breadboard. I haven't tried it yet. Though I've read this guide

I think that I can burn the bootloader very easily on ArduinoBreadboard using ArduinoISP. But problem arises on uploading sketches to Breadboard Arduino, since the guide tells to remove the microcontroller from Arduino but since in Nano I cant remove microcontroller. So what the solution for this problem. Is it dangerous to upload sketches with microcontroller attached ?? Please guide me coz i cant afford another arduino


Why don't you upload sketches with your nano as programmer ISP?

-Go to tools/programmer and check the option "Arduino as ISP". -Connect nano to your standalone ciruit. -Then open any sketch (blink for example), go to file and select "upload with programmer". -Done.

Observation: Bootloader is neccesary only if you upload via FTDI breakout or Atmega16U2 (Arduino board uploader). With external programmer, bootloader is not neccesary.

Thanks… I’ll try it