using nodeMCU as a wifi module on arduino uno for a project

How can I connect a nodeMCU to arduino uno and deal with it as if it was normal esp8266? I know how to connect the esp8266 but how to do it with the nodemcu?

PS. I am still new to this field so please if I am saying something irrational help me instead of mocking me

In your project, can't you use the NodeMCU instead of the Uno?

A NodeMCU has a perfectly normal ESP8266 on board, in the form of an ESP12E module.

I doubt you ever worked with just an ESP8266, as the processor is quite useless on its own (it needs external Flash to store its program for starters). They're normally used in the form of modules.

Indeed very likely you can do everything with the NodeMCU (add a port extender or two if you need more I/O pins).