Using Nokia 6600 Slide components with Arduino Uno


I have an Arduino Uno R3 board and an old Nokia 6600 slide which I want to open up.

I would like to know if I can use any of the nokia's components such as front or back camera, tft screen, speaker, mic, etc.

I want to confirm this before I open up the phone.

Any info would be great help.

Thank you.

You might be able to salvage the micro SD card slot, de-solder it from whatever circuit board is inside it and then solder wires to the connections on it. I don't know how hard this would be though, I haven't worked with SD cards before. Here's a link:,8863.0.html

Hope this helps!

Oh, and

Components in a mobil phone are tiny tiny tiny ... just how good are your desoldering skills?

The interface for the cameras is highly special and usually undocumented but the challenge is getting to those tiny legs. CORRECTION: A bit of googling found this little circuit diagram of the 6600 - and there is a pinout for the camera.

A mobile phone has several microphones (to elliminate the background noise) and uses advanced processing to undo the distortion of the sound of the microphones in their peculiar location. See if you can find them ;)

For common mobile phones there are some hacks out there how to reuse their displays (in particular when you can buy them as spare parts).

In short, the SD and SIM card holders, and the display, is resuable, but probably not the rest.

Thank you guys for the quick response.

Well regarding the display I did a little bit of research and found out from Andy's Workshop that it has a 50 pin connector.

And hence difficult to use. I have the pin-out diagrams though.

I will do a little bit of more research and see where I get to.