Using Occam pi for concurrency in Arduino

Guys, I am new to using Arduino but I can make my way around with Arduino UNO. While doing some project I was stuck with the problem of parallel processing. I guess its not possible in Arduino. BUT then I came across this Occam pi language which uses concurrency for simulating parallel processing environment.

For using this software I had to install "Plumb" app from the site

But I am stuck here as the Plumb app is not working.
I had connected my Arduino UNO with the computer and then tried to run the Plumb app as was said on the site itself. But nothing happens after that. No window pops up or anything although process "Plumb.exe" is running in the task manager.

I'm stuck at this point. I also tried restarting my computer but the problem still exists. Please help....plzzz

See Demonstration code for several things at the same time - Project Guidance - Arduino Forum

Of course you can do many things t the same time on an Arduino.


The link you provided do help in managing multiple processes at the same time, but I am curious to work on the Occam pi language.

The "Plumb.exe" application is not working. When run, the mouse keeps on showing the loading sign but nothing happens. As I stated before the task manage shows the process "Plumb.exe" running, but still nothing happens.

I don't know if its the case but is it possible that the Plumb application require additional set of softwares as pre-requisite to run itself.

I think you need to ask questions about Plumb on the Plumb website.


I would recommend:

Visit the lists page:

Join the "users" list. It is low traffic. Try and provide some more information to us there.

I'll do my best to support you. I will say that, this particular week, I'm at a conference, but it is possible other members of the team will be able to pick up your question.

The software is a bit stale at this point, but should still work. And, we're still on the list, and do answer questions from new users---and, we're friendly about it, even! So, ask away, and we'll do our best. Just be patient with us.