using of Max6675 on ATMEGA32A


I'm working on MAX6675 in ATMEGA32A. But, I did not solve the my problem about using of MAX6675 on the ATMEGA32A. I could not find MAX6675 library for ATMEGA32A. My compiler is Arduino IDE for programming ATMEGA32A. How to use it on Atmega32A?

May you help us with this?

I've never worked with ATmega32A and MAX6675 but I think that there is not needed special lib for ATmega32A. Do you know this GitHub - adafruit/MAX6675-library: Arduino library for interfacing with MAX6675 thermocouple amplifier library? It should work with any AVR with SPI bus, also with ATmega32A.

You will need to set up Arduino IDE for the ATmega32A. Here is a board profile for the ATmega32.