Using Old Cell Phones with Arduino


This is kind of an open ended question, but I was wondering if anybody had any experience using old cell phones with arduino. I only ask because it's a shame to have so many old phones lying around and not giving me any use!

I just wanted to know if it would be feasible to recycle any of the old components in my cell phone for use with the arduino--specifically the wireless communication aspect. Something similar to an XBee module but using cell phone components.

Unless you can talk to the phones as modems, I wouldn't even bother trying to interface to the radios. (and it may well be illegal to do so)

Some models can be used to send and receive SMS messages. If you search the forums you will find some mention of this sort of thing. Some models have usable displays, which if you are a keener, you might be able to harness. Again, searching the forums for "nokia display" will find you some some stuff.

Mobiles tend to be pretty specialized hardware and you are unlikely to easily re-use much from them. Even the keypad is integrated with the main board and can't easily be separated to use with the Arduino.