Using old ethernet shield for chat server

Recently I got a few ethernet shields and I have been having trouble using them. The shield I am using is the ENC28J60 ethernet shield (v1.1) with the Uno, so I have been forced to use an older library for the ethernet shield. Right now I am trying to make a chat server using the older library, but it doesn't have the commands the newer library uses for the chat server. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I could make a chat server using this shield?

Which library are you using ?

Which commands are the problem (ie what is missing from the library you are using ) ?

I'm using this library:

the commands missing include server.begin, EthernetClient, and Server.Write. I haven't been able to find substitute commands for the above commands.

Have a look at UIPEthernet-library. It comes with an advances Chatserver-example that distinguishes up to 4 incomming connections: AdvancedChatServer.ino

Hello i know this is a old post i see the Advance Chat server.ino file but what about a client so others can chat too. is there a client side to it?