Using OneWire and arduino to TX and RX between 3 devices through serial comm

Looking to use a arduino to receive and send data between 3 devices through a single communication port. I am worried about the clocks not being in synced though. So i have three units i created with a microchip controller, and want to be able to send a single command to all three, and then be able to receive information from those chips without them sending all the information at once. Could the oneWire protocol work even if i use UART?

Could the oneWire protocol work even if i use UART?

Simply, yes!

Let say Arduino UNO (you did not mention which one) is fast enough to serve it.

No, A UART has separate transmission and receive ports. You can kluge something together that might work then you have the fun of defining your protocol etc. The one wire system will work as is. Google for the document:
1-Wire design
This has a great explanation of the 1-wire protocol. It is typically a single master multiple slave configuration. The length of your cabling will have the biggest impact on your communications speed. There are many more articles that will explain this. Another link for you; How many DS18B20 temperature sensors can I connect to one bus arduino? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange and one last link: