Using Only the Arduino Zero MCU (Atmel SAMD21 chip)

Hey everyone,

I've currently got a daq system running off the Arduino Zero. I would like to move over to using just the MCU and minimizing my PCB. I understand that the Zero uses the Atmel SAMD21 chip.

All Arduino to breadboard documentation that I've found is for the Arduino Uno/Mega. Does anyone know if the Arduino Zero board can be used to upload code onto the SAMD21 chip, such as show in this tutorial:

Furthermore, I understand that the Zero board has components that are needed in order for the chip to function; the above tutorial also mentions these (a crystal, some resistors and caps). Is there anything else that I should make sure to include in my PCB in order for the chip to function as needed?

Thank you in advance for your help! I've never gotten to this stage of a project and want to make sure that I understand what I'm doing.

There are numerous other SAMD21 boards that run Arduino software and have much more minimal hardware. Ardfruit Feather M0 Basic Sparkfun SAMD21 Mini Avandalen SAM15x15 Board (some are open source hardware, with schematics and PCBs available.)