Using our own library


This is my current directory layout:

obd2meter ----- ASSM | ----- SSMLib

I would like to use some classes located in SSMLib Folder in my ASSM.pde project.

If I use "#include "..\SSMLib\SSMlib.h" in my ASSM.pde, I am unable to compile. How can I use my own lib and not put them in the arduino lib directory. Is there an easy way?



Hi Mart no sorry this doesn't work. You cant either copy the SSMlib-sourcefiles you need directly into the ASSM folder, or place the lib into the Ardino library folder. The Arduino-IDE does not compile sources in other directories even if you include them with a relative path.



thanx for your answer. This is really bad :frowning:

There is no trick I could do?

I think Eberhard meant that you CAN copy the files into your assm folder. Or, as he also suggests, you could copy the files in a directory under libraries and include it from there.

That’s exactly what I meant, mem.
Is there a reason why none of these appraches work for you Mart?

I am using SVN and my dev tree is described in my 1st post....

Copying will work but it has to be done manually .. which sucks..