Using piezo vibration sensors on a RC helicopter


I work in the film industry and fly rc helicopters for video. Vibrations are the death of video. I would like to mount 6-10 vibration sensors on my Maxi Joker 2 helicopter to find where the least amount amount of vibrations are for mounting points for my camera gimbals. I would like to use Xbee telemetry to record the information on my computer. Any information on how to do this with Arduino would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Wayne

How big are the helicopters?


Looks very cool, but $5K for total airframe platform is a bit much for average hobbyist.

can we see some pics of the helicoptors

what about the style that has several rotors - does that have less vibration ?

The way to tackle vibration is to mount all the moving components on shock-absorbing mounts, or the camera platform on shock absorbing mounts. You don't need to let the thing take off to measure vibration, so you can use wired vibration sensors.