Using portenta BLE to view measurements on mobile

Hello everyone,

I am sorry that my problem is a bit vague, as I am having startup problems.

I want to measure radiation with my arduino and show these values on my mobile device, wireless.
I was hoping to use the app 'Blynk' as they claimed to be compatible with every arduino and a Portenta, as this one has many features and is small. All the hardware and software to measure and save data locally (SD) is already working. To integrate a mobile device would be the next step.

But the Blynk app does not work with the portenta as far as I understand. So I see two possible solutions for which I need help.

  1. Use the Blynk app, but write the code in such a way that i can still use the not-listed portenta. How would i do this?
  2. Use a different app using BLE or use WIFI. Then I think i would need HTML knowledge, can you point me to some tutorials?

Hopefully you could help me get started.
Have a nice day,

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