Using Portenta to read in and output analog signals

I have an idea in my head that I want to see if the Portenta is capable of handling it.

I would like to use the Portenta to read in four 200-MHz analog signals. The Portenta will do some basic calculations with these four signals, and it will output 3 analog signals corresponding to whatever the user programs the three outputs to be. It can be anything, including but not limited to addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc., but it all depends on the user. This would allow for flexibility in whatever the user wants. Essentially, the Portenta acts as a middle-man of sorts, reading in analog signals, doing some processing on them, and outputting analog signals based on the inputs.

Question is: is the Portenta capable of handling it with its 480-MHz Cortex M7 processor? If so, what would be the voltage limitations on the Portenta analog pins? For example, if I tried to output a 10-volt analog signal, can it be done?

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