using processing to turn LED on/off

HEY guys. i am using the wiring board at moment, but problem is, u get no support on the wiring forum. this forum is excellent and everyone is so helpful so i hope its ok to post here.

Hi all, this may seem like a stupid question but i am just starting out.

i have processing and wiring, and a wiring board. i want to use processing to control LED’s on my wiring board. i want to make a processing interface (two buttons, On and Off) to turn an LED on/off on the wiring board.

but now i have no idea the process to do this. could some one please provide me with a solution. i would like to know how to go from: Processing > to > Wiring > to > Wiring board

once i know this i think i will be able to do it again. but right now i have no idea how to start.

Could someone please help out in simple steps if possible. Thanks guys

is there any real reason you want to use processing? as the wiring board could do all this by itself.

theres a tutorial on the wiring website that will do something like this.

hope this helps, if not, and you do want to use processing, then i’ll point you in the direction of some of the tutorials that you can cut and paste together to do what you need.



and suppose you have to use a Serial.begin( baudrate); and

  • serialWrite() (wiring to processing) …
  • serialRead() (processing to wiring)…

hope this help.

thanks guys, got it all working now! thanks so much for all ur help!