Using programmer with OS X 10.9


Ordered myself this small stick:
Programming: ATTiny84
OS: Mac OS X 10.9
Arduino IDE: 1.0.5

When I connect the stick I see following under system information (so OS detects it):


  Product ID:	0xc8b4
  Vendor ID:	0x03eb  (Atmel Corporation)
  Version:	 1.00
  Speed:	Up to 1.5 Mb/sec
  Manufacturer:	zhifengsoft
  Location ID:	0x14200000 / 1
  Current Available (mA):	500
  Current Required (mA):	100

When Trying to use it via Arduino IDE I have chosen USBasp as a programmer (not sure if this is correct) and try to upload using "Upload via programmer" option and receive an error: avrdude: error: could not find USB device "USBasp" with vid=0x16c0 pid=0x5dc

Seems like the cheap china clone has different vid and pid :frowning:
Can anyone suggest some proper and cheap :slight_smile: programmer to buy. Preferably from Europe so I'd have faster shipping.