Using Pulse Sensor to control LED strip

Hey guys!

I´m a novice in the world of electronics so need help with something that should probably be easy enough for most.

I want to use a sensor like this one to get an LED strip like this one to pulse with the person´s heartbeat. So when someone puts that sensor on they can see their heartbeat as light. I don´t care if the strip doesn´t change colors, but if that can also happen without too much hassle I would like to try.

I´ve looked for tutorials all over but couldn´t find one for this, so help will be extremely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

If it is a digital sensor you should be able to have it say something like void setup() { delay(1); //I don't usually use setup } void loop() { if(digitalRead(__)=1)//Whatever pin your sensor is { digitalWrite(, HIGH);//Whatever the LED pin is delay(1); } else { digitalWrite(___, LOW);//whatever the LED pin is delay(1); } }

PS dont forget resistors

Thanks a lot for replying! So this is all the code you think I´ll need? Essentially just getting the Arduino to read when a pulse is detected and turning the LED strip on as a result?

And I know that the LED strip is analog in the sense that the color of the whole strip is controlled at once, but I´m not sure about the sensor. Can you look in the original link?

Well, the code is a rough estimate of what you will need, think of it as the guidelines. I, surprisingly, already have the light strip installed in my room. You can plug one color of the light strip into the board, but MAKE SURE YOU USE RESISTORS! Without them, the LEDs could be ruined. Plug the light strip color you want into the digital pin you want, then the common into the GND pin (i think?). The code should work, but I have not tested it myself. If you need any more help, you can PM me or comment, as I will be glad to help you with it!

The LED strip will get to me on Tuesday. I have a bunch of Arduinos and resistors at the lab I´ll be working at, so I will try this out and let you know if it works. :)

Thanks again for the help!