Using RadioShack tricolor LED strip, sku# 2760339

Hello all, and thank you for taking the time to check my post.

I'm helping a friend with a project using a programmable LED ribbon, and I can't seem to get it to work right (read: at all).

I tried testing the LED strip with the official support files found here:

to no avail... The LEDs would light up red only and blink a bit, but that's it. I looked around a bit on Google and found this library for controlling LED strips:

but I couldn't get the 3rd party libraries to load for some reason (which is another, completely separate issue).

Anybody have experience working with this product? The power supply I'm using is adequate to power the project (12V). Thanks in advance.

Are you following all the steps in the User's Guide?

Hi, I understand this is an old topic, but I'd like to suggest using FastLED for this, I've had much luck using FastLED's library for this model.

After reading the FastLED library setup your definitions like this:

#define NUM_LEDS 10
#define DATA_PIN 9 // whatever pin you connect the green wire to
#define LED_CHIPSET TM1803 // Radio shack's chipset (SKU 2760339)
#define COLOR_ORDER GBR; // Important for correct color naming.

Here's a link to my github, all of my projects are based off of the TM1803 :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m actually running into a problem with this product as far as the instruction manual goes. The manual directs you to a website that no longer exists for the supporting documents. Comments from all the way back to 2013 show evidence that this webpage may have never existed, or hasn’t for a while.
I just need to know where I can find those supporting documents. I can’t seem to find any web archives of them either.
A little help tracking those down would be great!

I also brought the Radio Shack LEDs on clearance this past spring and promptly forgot about them. Then I started searching for useful information realizing that Radio Shack no longer provides support for the flipping things. The good news is that you can find the original Radio Shack instructions and code here: GitHub - RadioShackCorp/2760339-Tricolor-LED-Strip: Support files and example sketch for RadioShack Tricolor LED Strip (SKU 2760339) . I downloaded and followed the instructions on how to physically connect the LED Strip to an Arduino Uno R3 I also uploaded the sketch provided and then connected the Arduino to a 12volt /1 amp Power supply as the instructions detailed after disconnecting the Uno from my computer. The LEDs worked as advertised. I didn't have to do any special wiring with transistors or MOSFETs or splitters. To be fair it took a looooong time to find the flipping code and the other solutions that most people have found do work ; I'm just stubborn about things that should work as advertised without having to jury rig so much to get it to work. Also be aware that the sketch is doing low level bit banging to the strip and it is also doing port manipulation on the Arduino so be very careful how you modify the code because you can end up bricking your Arduino. Enjoy and Good Luck :slight_smile: