Using RC remote control to trigger action

Hi guys...

My name is matthew. I have project that i cant figure it out how to program it. Since i cant even make code by my self, but i have that idea.

Heres the thing:

  1. I want to make PPM signal that comes from RC receiver to trigger(on/off) at certain value that can be set by potensio.
  2. Something that needs to be triggered are arc generator.
  3. Arc generator itself has already powered by 1s lipo battery and have individual push button
  4. I want to make it simple and can be triggered by arduino nano using my remote control.

Please somebody can help me how to do it, since im new at using arduino stuff. Thanks guyz...

Matthew rudianto

Nb: sorry for my bad english.

If your RC receiver can drive a servo, why not have the servo push the arc generator button? No programming needed.