Using readString with SoftwareSerial

How does one write a string rather than a byte using software serial? Is it possible to use incomingString = Serial.readString(); from the serial and then re-post it on RS485 out like RS485.write(incomingString); or only incomingByte = Serial.readByte(); and then re-post it on the RS485 RS485.write(incomingByte); is available using SoftwareSerial ?

digitalWrite(CTS_PIN, HIGH);
digitalWrite(CTS_PIN, LOW);

Anyway to achieve this?

Thank You.

presumably write() sends one or more bytes. Don't know if it handles String vs c-strings.

i've connected serial tx and rx pins to a MAX485 converter and use serial.write() or serial.print(). i also use serial.flush() to wait for the end of transmission before disabling TX.