Using realtime operating system with the Yun

Hello All,

Been a while since I posted on this forum.

I am interesting in using the Yun but I need to know if there any real time operating system support for it. I want to run the RTOS on the Atheros AR9331.

Any help is much appreciated.


What you are asking is AR9331 direct GPIO access. The answer is no.

AR9331 has:

  • I2S/SPDIF-out audio interface
  • GPIO/LED support (GPIO0~GPIO28)
  • JTAG-based processor debugging supported

In total 29 of GPIO pins some of them are multiplexed pin with UART,I2S,LED,SLIC, JTAG.

Yun breaks out 0 of them. We are out of luck.

Yun might not be the platform you are looking for since it has no hardware breakout.

Meanwhile Yun supports real time application very well by integrated MCU-ATmega32u4.