Using RedBearLab BLE shield and USB host shield at the same time?

I'm currently trying to do a project reading data from a glucometer and then sending it via Bluetooth to an Android application.

I'm trying to use the RedBearLab BLE shield ( and a USB host shield (

I can manage to get both parts of my project working separately. I can read data from a glucometer using the USB host shield in one sketch and sending stuff such as "Hello World!" over BLE in another sketch.

I read on the BLE shield's site that it uses pin 10 for the SS, so I changed the pin for the USB host shield SS to 6. I also changed the INT pin to 7, even though I wasn't sure if I had to, but it works fine. I've bent the legs of pins 9 and 10 (INT and SS) on the USB host shield and soldered wire from the SS and INT holes to the new pins, so they shouldn't interfere with the BLE shield.

I can't really get anything to work though. I've tried incorporating the BLE functions into the sketch that reads data via the glucometer but it acts weirdly. It seems to find the glucometer, but instead of running the code that it should once the glucometer is found, the code simply goes back to the setup() loop. If I comment out the BLE related code, everything seems to work fine though.

If anyone has any experience getting the BLE shield to work with any other shields I'd much appreciate it!