Using refurbished LCD

Hey Arduino users,

We are trying to use a refurbished LCD panel from an AEG car DVD player.

Any idea which shield we could use to power it.
There is a ribbon cable with 26 lanes.

The images of the screen are in the attachments.

I have found these FPC connectors 26 pins, could this work?

Thanks in advance,


More info needed, type, serial numbers, ... photo?

More info needed, type, serial numbers, ... photo?

I have updated my post with a link to images of the lcd display with the codes.

It is much more convenient for us if you post the images in-line. Many members do not like to download images from external sites. Here are instructions on how to post images.

Chuck it in the bin and buy something you can actually use rather than trying to recycle unknown, unidentifiable electronic waste. It's a fools errand.

It is probably a 24-bit parallel interface LCD with no memory.

You need a dedicated driver board with HDMI/VGA interface to use it. It is a waste of time to try to reuse it.

The resolution on it is 234 pixels in the shorter side - totally crap.

// Per.