Using rele 12V

I have module but i can't put ON the relay. I put an external supply of 12V in the Vcc pin of the module and connect the GND of arduino and the GND cable of the power supply in a protoboard. Then i connect the signal pin of arduino in the Signal pin of the relay module. I see that the led is always ON and the current flows although I charge the blink example...
Can anyone help me please??

Can you tell us which pins you've connected everything too and give us your code.


have you connected the correct pin on your board?
In the blink example this is pin 13 as far as I know.

Is your Arduino running?

Is the red power LED on the relay board on?

I have changed the blink example to connect my pin. The red power led on the relay board is always on. Next tuesday i will give you photos of the connexions and the code.

I have attached photos of the connexions. The brown cable that goes to the light must go in the middle of the relay 4 and the other goes next to this connector.

The Code:

int relayPin = 8;
void setup(){
pinMode(relayPin, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
digitalWrite(relayPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(relayPin, LOW);

If I use this I have the red led of the relay module always ON and also the green led of the 4th relay always ON and it must be 2 seconds ON and 2 seconds OFF.


Any suggestion??