using RFM02 to connect two arduinos


i wanted to build a simple setup with 2 arduinos one as transmitter and one as reciver

the transmitter should have 2 buttons if i press button 1 he should send some code via rf (1) to the other arduino and if i press button 2 he shoul send another code (2).

so that te reciver arduino lights up led1 oder led2

i already found a library whit that i could do this

my problem is that by mistake i orderd the RFM02 transmitter instead of a simple one like these

on the reciving end i have a RFM12 or these

is there a way to make this work with the RFM02 ?

i am realy not good at programming so i would need sample code that i just have to change.

with the simple one i would have done it without problem.

Thanks in advance

sorry for my bad english

yes it is possible please this post