Using RFNetwork to Transmit Accelerometer Data

Hello, I am using the nrf24l01+ radios together with the RF24 and the RF24network libraries to have several Arduinos communicate with a base unit. I have one node transmitting temperature data which i have no issue with. I am having trouble sending over the accelerometer data from the transmitter to the receiver however which I believe is due to how i set up the packet. For some reason the x coordinate transmits correctly but the other two, y and z, are gibberish. Can anybody help me with how i should be properly transmitting and receiving this data? The file labeled RX is the receiver and the TX are transmitters.

Thank you!

workingTempSensorMay9TX.ino (1.63 KB)

workingTempSensorMay9RX.ino (1.9 KB)

accelSensormay6TX.ino (1.64 KB)

I think you need to use the exact same struct in each program.

I have never used the Network extension for the RF24 library myself so I am assuming that part is working for you.

If all the nRF24s are close to the "master" there would be no need to use the Network.

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