Using rotary encoders


I would like to construct a rather big knob box with the arduino, and I am wondering whether this is possible:

I would like to have 64 endless rotary encoders, each with an LED ring, and with acceleration (if you turn the encoder faster, the increase/decrease is higher than if you turn it slowly).

Has anybody done something like that before? Would it be possible with the arduino?



yea, i have a rotary encoder also from a fax machine ( it looks like a potentiometer, except it doesent stop turning ) and i want to know how to use it with the arduino

Theres an example of how to implement encoders in the playground :

I think that 64 encoders with LED rings is probably too much for the Arduino board to handle.

There's only 16 KB storage for your program, and only 1 KB RAM for data / variables.


do you know how to do this?

when i rotate encoder, i want arduino to read pulse from encoder and i want to make one of arduino's digital pin to be in a HIGH state whenever arduino receive 10th pulse from encoder. Ultimately, i want arduino to read encoder's pulse all the way to the tenth pulse(where digital pin goes in a high state) while bypassing 1th, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th pulses.

If someone knows how to write program(in arduino environment) to do this using arduino, please advise.