Using RS232 on the USB board for display control?


I have the USB version 2.0 of the Arduino board. We want to control a LCD display with it - it obviously can read RS232-based commands for the cursor and so on - is there any tutorial - or anybody ;) - who can help us?

...thanks! Fabian

Hej Fabian,

the fact is that on the one hand, you could use the pins 0 and 1 as serial I/O if you are not using the communication back to the computer.

On the other hand I have to anticipate that we are working on a Software version of the serial port that would allow you to have serial communication on any pin. This will be ready for Arduino-0004.

I know :-) we haven't even release Arduino-0003, but it is going to be out there in more or less a week. And version 4 will be out in a bit more than a month.