Using SD Card to load program

Hi everybody!

I have an arduino UNO, and I've ordered to Adafruit an SD Card breakboard (I think it's that), and I want to be able to bring all my projects with me, without having to bring with me my computer everywhere...

I wanna do something very very insane and only skywalker would be brave enough to think about it. I want to know if it's possible to store in an SD Card my programs and to be able to load them from them to the arduino.

I know that I will have to dev something like an emulator as a permanent system on the arduino, and store my codes as ROM like. I'm new to Arduino, but I'm on my way to become a C/C++ ninja, and don't know anything about how the arduino works, concerning the loaders and else...

Thanks for your help anyway.

It occurs to me, another way to tackle the problem if you only have a few different programs is to switch to ZIF (zero insertion force -- basically a way to swap chips easily) sockets for the AVR, and carry a few chips that are pre-loaded with the program you want. Or maybe carry something like the Adafruit Menta (Arduino compatible in a tin the size of Altoids candy). Of course this assumes you only have a few projects.

I guess I find it difficult to see a situation where you would "carry around" a handful of programs.

The Arduino isn't a general purpose computer. It is a microcontroller that generally gets programmed for specific purposes. So if you are carrying around two or three programs, how much hardware are you carrying around as well?

I recall reading that you can use one Arduino to program another:

It should be possible to read various programs from an SD card and have it program the other.

I think what you are after is Nick Gammon's solution: