Using Second Serial Port on Arduino Uno


I am working about GPS data parsing by using arduino uno on proteus programme. In this context, I used to 2 and 3 pins of arduino as Tx and Rx in Serial Com. via Software Serial library. But, as far as I understand, the program can't enter loop which working in case of Rx port is available.
Please help me about it. Thanks in advance.

I share the code below:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>      // Include software serial library
#include <FuGPS.h>               // Include FuGPS library

SoftwareSerial in(3, 2);
FuGPS fuGPS(in);
bool gpsAlive = false;

void setup()

  Serial.println("GPS Testing");

void loop()
  while (in.available() > 0)
    Serial.println("Software Serial is available");
  while (in.available() <= 0)
    Serial.println("Software Serial is nonavailable");


In the image below, I share the Proteus design and the result.

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On real Uno it will be always "Software Serial is available" in serial monitor.

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If you are using GPS with multiple Serial prints() you should check out my tutorial on Arduino Serial I/O for the Real World which includes a GPS example with debugging.
Serial.print()s will block once the TX buffer fills up and you can miss GPS data.

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