using sensor to override joystick control

i am currently doing a autonomous RC boat project for my school work and i have met some issues with my arduino coding.

i am trying to incoporate 2 ultrasonic sensors onto my main circuit which alrdy has a L298 joystick controlling a DC motor and a Servo motor.

I also have a ultasonic sensor coding which controls the servo motor whenever it senses an obstacle nearby

Separately, the codes works fine however i cant seem to incoporate both of the codes together.

i have attached the sensor and receiver coding below.

please help a brother out i have been stuck at this for ages..

SENSOR2X.ino (2.09 KB)

Receiver_FINAL_.ino (6.66 KB)

Post your best attempt at combining the two. And post it inline with code tags. Attaching such small programs means those of us reading on mobile devices can't see them.

And perhaps you could explain what an "L298 joystick" is.