Using separate warm white LEDs and addressable RGB strips with Arduino Uno?


I've been trying to use regular addressable LEDs with a lighting project, and as we all know, they combine to make a cool, bluish white and is not aesthetically pleasing for when you want to have a nice warm atmospheric light. I've been researching a lot, and only found one company that makes RGBWW (warm white) addressable LEDs, but in the only demonstration I found, they ended up either washing out most colours or giving an amber feel to them.

What I want is to be able to switch from full colour RGB but then to warm white only.

So my question is, if I were to add my coil of regular addressable RGB strips and in another part of my light a few strips of warm white (non-addressable LEDs) in my light, can Arduino Uno switch between these? Can FastLED or Neopixels libraries handle this?

Thanks and forgive my noob question if the answer is obvious :slight_smile:

Will this do what you want?

“Tunable white LED strip lighting emits high-quality white light in temperatures ranging from 2700K warm white to 6500K cool white.”

Hi CrossRoads,

Yes actually that would be something I want. Although it would still have to be addressable and capable of full colour spectrum in addition to being able to be just warm white.