Using Serial and KS0108 display


I’m developing a project where communication between two Atmegas is needed. Also, one of the Atmegas acts as an KS0108 display controller. The code of the atmega that has the display does a few Serial. funtions, such as Serial.begin, Serial.write… But as soon as any KS0108 GLCD library command is executed, Serial communication finishes, and I can’t get it to work again even if I call again “Serial.begin”.
Is there any way of solving this? I would be interested in using the 0 and 1 pins.
Gracias! :slight_smile:

I think you will either use a soft serial library on pins other than 0 and 1 or have a standalone system without an FTDI or 8u2 chip on the arduino board.

Go to Mikal Hart's website to get the NewSoftSerial library and use it on say pins 2 and 3.