Using serial cables as wires for sensors a few feet away from Arduino

Hello, I'm working on building a plant watering system, and I have sensors for temperature, light, and soil moisture that I need to connect to my Arduino, which requires about 5 feet of wire between the two. Right now I have a series of jumper cables stuck together to achieve this length. Is it possible to use a serial cable for a compact wire solution, sending 5V, grounds, and analog signals? Not using any serial functions on the Arduino, just using the cable and wiring for sensors.

I appreciate any feedback and any suggestions on alternate solutions. Thank you!

At 5 feet, almost any wire will work.


As weedpharma notes, at such a small distance, any wire will work.

If you plan to package the system up, and make it look nice - I would suggest using 4-wire telephone cable; you can get use cables and nice jacks for little money, and they can make for a professional looking system. If you need more wires (up to 8 wires), then using ethernet cables and jacks is a good solution.

There will be a point where sensors will have problems due to the low voltage and noise issues, but you aren't likely to experience that with only 5 feet separating the sensor from the Arduino. And at that point, the quickest solution is to try to increase the voltage level being sent over the wire, or if this isn't possible, establishing some kind of digital communication link (such as standard RS-232, 422, or 485 serial - or some ethernet protocol) between the sensor and the receiving system.

Thanks for the help! I'm going to try the ethernet route.