using serial monitor sending data to Arduino Mega from a text file OSLOOMPROJECT

Sorry for delay... just can't devote a lot of time to this.

The boGoSwitch thing is a function you need to write for the program. But it is very straightforward...

Something like... (but will have to be adapted, depending on where you wired the "Go" button. I wrote following as if it were on digital line 7.... could "anywhere"... some pin you are not already using.

boolean boGoSwitch(){
if (digitalRead(inPin)==HIGH) {
return true;
return false;

(You may want to swap the "true" and "false" around so that things make sense when you think in terms of what would "count" as "true" in your mind for the button. I.e. is pressed or not pressed the "go" signal, and which makes the digitalRead true? (Or change the HIGH to LOW... that will "flip" things, too.)

Thank you for starting with 2 motors. If done right, adding more, once 2 are working, won't be a big deal.

My version of the control software recently quoted by you is the program to control the loom without external inputs for pattern.... that's why how to marry hard to see. My version is only a starting point. Once that is working, adding the "change the patterns based on serial input" isn't too hard to add on.