Using Serial Monitor to select a melody??


I am just beggining at arduino so I am having some problems with coding.

I want to make a melody selector for my arduino wich i can select a melody on the serial monitor and play it directly so i dont have to upload a melody each time i wan to try it.

My final project purpose is for arduino to create a melody on its own ( need to create an AI with musical theory and chords progressions) so that the melody is inlfluenced by an analog input.

So for all this i first need to create a "tester". So i can test diferent melodies and rythms just by inputing words on the Serial Monitor. Think of it as piano keyboard but instead of a note i want it to play a sequence of notes ( frequency, duration).

Can anyone give some advise on the code for this?

The basis for this can be found here:- Just change the calls inside the case section to calls to your melody in place of turning LEDs on and off.


Got it working.