Using Serial Monitor without 5volts going to Arduino

I have been experimenting with this library to monitor battery voltage: VCC Supply Monitor

To test this with a battery, I need to be connected to my PC via USB so I can see the Serial Monitor... but of course, that also feeds 5volts to my board, bypassing the battery.

Is there a way to view the serial monitor without sending 5volts to the board, allowing my attached battery to run the board?

I found this: FTDI - USB cable Could I simply use it and cut the 5volt supply wire?

Any other/better ideas?

I have a cable similar to your link. There is no need to cut anything - just don't connect the 5v connection to the Arduino. You only need to connect Tx, Rx and GND to communicate with the PC. Remember to connect Rx on the cable to Tx on the Arduino and Tx to Rx.


Great. Thanks!