I am trying to make a binary clock and I need to store a variable as something that was printed earlier. If you could help me I would be most appreciative. Thanks! Here is the code.

void loop()
  setTime(hours, mins, secs); //changes time every second
  secs++; //seconds increase
  if(secs > 59)
    secs = 0;
  if(mins > 59)
    mins = 0;
void setTime(int hour, int mins, int sec)
String strSec = String(sec, BIN);
int sec = 5;
printBinary(sec);                 //prints the binary version of sec (101)
int binSec =;    
Serial.println(binSec);          //always prints -1 no matter what sec is

You need to post a complete program.
And you need to describe more clearly what you want to do. returns a single character.

You may find the examples in Serial Input Basics useful. There is also a parse example.


I edited it. I know I am a long way off from a working binary clock, but I've been stuck on this part for so long and I think I can do the rest. Thanks for your help!

Thanks so much for your help! I found a way around it. Your post made me realize I was doing to much work.

Glad you got it working

I edited it.

For the future, major changes to an existing post are not welcome as they upset the chronological flow of the discussion. Just put addidional stuff in a new post.

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