Using several different pins?

I have a couple different devices attached to the arduino uno and I just wanted to make sure if it was fine or too much. There is also a shield attached but the only pin I can determine that it uses explicitly is 7.

First device: 5V, pin 2 set to input, and GND 2nd Device pin 4 set to output and GND Button: pin 6 set to internal input pullup and GND

Shield: pin 7 set to output and used briefly at beginning.

Sounds ok, what is this all about?

What Larry means but is too polite to say ,(I'm more concerned about being expedient , than polite, but I try, sometimes) is that here on the forum, it is customary to begin your post with your project OBJECTIVE, followed by your REQUIRED EQUIPMENT, followed by posting the datasheets relating to your equipment , followed by posting links of the vendors where you purchased your equipment ,followed by a SITREP (Mil-Speak for SITUATION REPORT) where you brief us on the current state of your project, to wit , have you wired anything up ? Have written any code ? Have tried any code you just found somewhere laying in the gutter ? Are you puzzled by what you read ? Are you having issues ? Is your wife about to divorce you because she can't pry your arduino UNO out of your hands ? and like that...