Using SFEMP3Shield Library with Adafruit VS1053 Codec + MicroSD Breakout

Hello everyone!

I have recently finished programming a fun little music game using an off brand SparkFun MP3 Player Shield (I live outside of the US so getting Sparkfun and Adafruit products is much harder, the one I actually used is the Geeetech VS1053 Shield which worked pretty well with the SFEMP3 Shield Library). The whole code was written using the SFEMP3 library which (to my knowledge) seems to be the most complete VS1053 Arduino Library out there. However, I now plan to make a final product out of the game for my design portfolio and I really need to use the smallest electronic components possible since it must fit in a small case. For the microcontroller, I plan to use an arduino nano or maybe even make my own compact arduino UNO on a PCB using this guide. On the other hand, for the VS1053 I was planning to order an Adafruit VS1053 Codec + MicroSD Breakout since it appears to be the smallest VS1053 board on the market. However, upon examining the Adafruit library for this board I found it is missing a bunch of methods available in the SFEMP3 Library (mainly the equivalents to skip() and skipTo() which are the ones I mainly need). Is there any way to use the SFEMP3 Shield Library on the Adafruit VS1053 Codec board? I would order it and try it out but sadly shipping costs outside of the US are outrageous and I can’t afford to order something that won’t work :frowning: In the end, what I need is for a way to play music while the code reads other sensors and also to be able to play that music from specific points in their respective tracks.

Thank you for your help!