Using SoftPot as buttons - a simple library.

SoftPots are very thin variable potentiometers. By pressing down on various parts of the strip, the resistance linearly changes from 100Ohms to 10,000Ohms allowing the user to very accurately calculate the relative position on the strip.

  • Very robust (Operating Temperature: -40°C to +50°C / Humidity: No affect / IP Rating IP65)
  • Only will need one Analog - Input from Arduino (+GND and VCC)
  • The buttons are defined via Software, size of the button & position can be changed via SourceCode
    The SoftPot library enables you to use the SoftPot as a a set of several buttons. For example the Circular Soft Potentiometer can be divided into 12 segments, where each segment can be touched and defined as one button.

Let me know, what you think - thats my first project a publish like this.

The code is on GitHub: GitHub - happychriss/SoftPotButtons