Using SoftwareSerial in a library

Hello developers, I want to create a wrapper library which should use SoftwareSerial internally. My libraries constructor should take the rx and tx pins only and the SoftwareSerial object is initialzed in its constructor.

When I do the above described I got the following warning: In file included from BLECentralTest.ino:1: /Users/michaelkroll/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Test/Test.h:5:28: warning: SoftwareSerial.h: No such file or directory In file included from Test.ino:1: /Users/michaelkroll/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Test/Test.h:14: error: 'SoftwareSerial' does not name a type

How should I deal with that. Any help appreciated, Michael.

How should I deal with that.

The same way everyone else does. You must include SoftwareSerial.h in the sketch. No, you can not skip that step.