using spi/icsp pins for sd card and send/receive transmitter

I have a arduino mega with an lcd 3.2 tft sheild that has built in sd card using pins 50, 51, 52 and 53 for miso, mosi, ss and sck. I want to add a nr24l01 send/receive transmitter that must also be connected to mosi, miso, sck. can I use the ICSP terminal or not, and what would be the proper connection and do I have to change the assigned pin locations in the rf24, spi library?

The RF24 chip enable signal pins (ce and csn) are defined in the constructor so no changes need be made in the library. I know of no reason that you can't use the SPI pins on the ICSP header.

Thanks,, first time I use this post system,, really great response ,, thanks again

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