Using SPI Lines with Motor Shield

I have an application where I need to control the rotation of a DC motor (with feedback from Pot) over the network.
I banged my head over why it is not working properly for many days.
When I give the command to move forward from the ethernet it moves, but when I change the direction it stops moving.

I came to the understanding that the L293D motor shield uses Pin 11 and 12 and thus SPI cannot be used properly.

Has anyone found a workaround for this. I do no need pin 11 as it is connected to Motor channel 1 which I don't use. so probably my problem is only with Pin 12, which is used by the shift registers in the motor shield and are used in every case.

Should I try cutting the connection of pin 12 and connect it to pin 2 and alter the library. I have worked with enough PCBs that I am comfortable doing this.
Is there a better work around?

You can use whatever pins you want it is not restricted to pins 11 & 12. There are a lot of examples showing this with other pins. You chose a very poor driver, next time get one with CMOS outputs they are much more efficient.

Sadly, the latest motor shield is not available in my country.